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Why Participate?

Hands-on, Minds-on Science

The Southern Appalachian Science & Engineering Fair encourages students to ask testable questions and become involved in the process of gathering scientific evidence in an attempt to answer their testable question. This is a chance to see what scientists do in the real world as they follow a testable question during a longer time period than a short lab experience. Students will get to experience what it might be like to become a scientist and develop interest in what that would be like as a career choice.

Allowing students to ask questions that are meaningful to them will increase their level of engagement and excitement for the project.

Scientific Practices

Students will engage in authentic scientific practices when participating in the Science Fair. Students should:

  • Ask a question that is testable
  • Carry out an inquiry-based learning experience (an experiment)
  • Be exposed to scientific ways of thinking as they carry out their experiment
  • Develop critical thinking skills as they gather and analyze their data
  • Communicate their question, procedures, and findings to an audience of their peers as well as to scientifically-minded adults