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Online Registration

SASEF has a new registration system for projects

Please visit: to register your project.

The new page is designed to facilitate the registration process of schools, teachers, and students for 2020 Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair. Below you will find detailed description of each phase of registration. It is recommended that you read the entire registration procedure in order to avoid any errors in registration process. All registration steps must be completed by our posted deadlines.

Step 1:
Every teacher that has students attending needs to be registered first
Step 2:
Every participating project needs to create an account
Step 3:
Get your project pre-approved before you begin your experimentation
Step 4:
Every project and all its students need to be registered in order to participate
Step 5:
All participating students are required to mail a registration fee to us
Step 6:
All participating projects and students are required to submit ISEF forms and media releases to us


Please email with any questions.