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2020-21 Virtual Science Club

Previous Session Recordings/Materials

Dr. Tessa Burch-Smith, Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Click here to download Dr. Tessa Burch-Smith’s PowerPoint slides

Publicly available databases shared by Dr. Burch-Smith –




The Arabidopsis Information Resource

Main Session featuring Dr. Ron Kalafsky with the University of Tennessee

Associate Vice Provost & Director of Honors and Scholars Program, Undergraduate Research

Natural Sciences Breakout Room 11/17
Human Sciences Breakout Room 11/17

How Science and Science Fairs Launched My Career and Business (And Just Made Life More Fun)

Dan Hurst, Founder of Strata-G and Former SASEF Winner, discusses the impact of science, and science fairs in particular, on helping an 8th generation East Tennessean become a first generation college graduate in environmental engineering, an officer in the Navy’s nuclear power program, and a business startup entrepreneur who turned an idea and calling into the National Small Business of the Year in 2019.

Learn more about Strata-G here. You can read more about Dan Hurst here.

Main Session featuring Dr. Deborah Crawford with the University of Tennessee

Vice Chancellor for Research

Natural Sciences Breakout Room 12/15
Physical Sciences Breakout Room 12/15

Dr. Nour Abdoulmoumine, Biosystems Engineering, University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture

The Top 3 Tips for a Science & Engineering Fair Project: Dr. Abdoulmoumine discusses how to select a project topic, how to formulate a hypothesis, and how to create a timeline for your project. He believes that early participation in STEM activities is an impactful experience that encourages future enrollment in STEM disciplines.

Main Session featuring Fabrizio D’Aloisio with The University of Tennessee

Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management & Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions 

Natural Sciences Breakout Room 1/19

Learn about how to make your project slide show presentation for the 2021 Virtual Southern Appalachian Science & Engineering Fair. Then see a tutorial on how to register your project online for the 2021 Virtual Southern Appalachian Science & Engineering Fair.

Learn about how to make your project quad chart for the 2021 Virtual Southern Appalachian Science & Engineering Fair (SASEF). Also hear answers on some of the FAQ’s about the 2021 Virtual SASEF.

Main Session featuring Quad Charts and FAQ’s
Natural Sciences Breakout Room 2/16

SASEF Categories – What breakout session to attend?

One meeting per month will feature smaller “breakout” sessions separated into the following four research areas. Each research area’s breakout room will have mentors including a UT graduate student, at least one science and engineering professional, and at least one SASEF board member. These mentors will assist students with questions about STEM activities particularly focusing on those activities that will support a SASEF project.

  1. Human Sciences
    • Behavioral & Social Sciences
    • Medicine & Health Sciences
  2. Natural Sciences
    • Animal Sciences
    • Biochemistry
    • Cellular & Molecular Biology
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Microbiology
    • Plant Sciences
  3. Physical Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Earth & Planetary Science
    • Environmental Management
    • Physics & Astronomy
  4. Engineering & Math
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical
    • Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering
    • Energy & Transportation
    • Mathematical Sciences